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A collection of articles that may be helpful while accessing public services in Ireland.
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Beginner Guide

Post by mchhajer » Thu Feb 28, 2019 5:45 pm

I am planning to move to Dublin in 1st week of April with my wife and 4 year daughter. I found this forum useful. I seek guidance from experts on "DOs and DONTs"

After landing, what all mandatory things needs to be done. I know few thing like PPS, IRP, MVE. Experts, please add items into the list and let me know time taken for each item.

Is it fine to stay in 1 bedroom apartment even with kid in Ireland?

While I am in temp house for few weeks, can someone please suggest which all location to look for house. My budget is around 1200-1300 for 1 bedroom in apartment.

My kid will turn into 5 this coming April. Can she get admission in May of this year in primary school?

Any specific suggestion while taking care of kid in Ireland weather when they are coming for first time in.

Is car seat for kid needed in cab/taxi?

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