Child Benefit

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Child Benefit

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Child Benefit
Child Benefit is payable to the parents or guardians of children under 16 years of age, or under 19 years of age if the child is in full-time education or has a disability. You need to send a claim form and the child's birth certificate to the Child Benefit Section of the Department of Social and Family Affairs. If your child is over 16 has a disability or is in full-time education, you will need to send some supporting documents with your application. If you had a multiple birth you will be entitled to a special grant at the time of birth and when they are four and twelve years old. Child benefit is payable at one and a half times the monthly rate for twins, and at double the monthly rate for triplets and other multiple births.

You need to apply for the payment within three months of the birth of your baby, enclosing a claim form (CB1) and a copy of the child's birth certificate (social welfare form). A special FREEPOST envelope will be supplied with the claim form for your application.
You can get a birth certificate for your child from the General Register Office. A special copy will be given to you for social welfare purposes, which is non-returnable. For further details, please see Registering the Birth of Your Baby.
If you are applying for continuation of your Child Benefit for a disabled child or child in full-time education under 19, you will need to fill in form CB2. This claim form must be certified by the school/college if your child is in full-time education, or by a doctor if your child has a disability.

The current monthly rate for the first and second child is:

117.60 euro
For third and subsequent children:

147.30 euro
From April 2003, the rate for the first and second child will be increased to 125.60 euro. The rate for third and subsequent children will be increased to 157.30 euro.

Multiple Births
The rate of child benefit paid for twins will be 1.5 times the normal monthly rate for each child. Where the multiple birth involves three or more children, the rate of benefit paid is double the monthly rate, provided at least three of the children remain qualified.

In addition, a special 'once-off' grant of 635 euro is paid on all multiple births. Further 'once-off' grants of 635 euro are paid when the children are 4 and 12 yrs. respectively.

How to apply
Fill out form CB1 or CB2 as relevant, enclosing a copy of your baby's birth certificate or other supporting documentation if you are applying for a child over 16. Send it FREEPOST to the address below.

Download application forms CB1 (PDF format) and CB2 (pdf format) from the Department of Social and Family Affairs. You can also apply for Child Benefit online.

Where to apply
Child Benefit Section
Department of Social and Family Affairs,
Social Welfare Services Office,
St Oliver Plunkett Road,
Co. Donegal.
Tel: (074) 25566
(01) 874 8444

Document created: 2001-02-28
Document last modified: 2002-02-06

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