Cloud Consultant Job

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Cloud Consultant Job

Post by prems84 » Sun Feb 02, 2020 4:23 pm

Dear Members,

My name is sundar currently working in Singapore as a cloud consultant, A trusted partner in Dublin would like to sponsor me Critical Skills Visa based on a condition i will secure a job in a couple of months , I am expecting my self to be Dublin in the month of April and i wanted to explore once im there , however since my Visa is already in process i would like explore opportunities from now and i wanted to take help from the fellow members on employment agencies who can offer contract opportunities , at the moment i am also looking job as Windows/VMware Administrator though i am cloud consultant, reason being that i wanted to settled down in a job first as i dont want to run out of time before i reach the deadline to secure a job, I am also certified in AWS Cloud Architect- Professional and Google Cloud Architect-Professional, Kindly share me any contract opportunities/Contact with hiring managers should any of you come across , i am looking at the below job roles

1) AWS Cloud Engineer
2) Google Cloud Engineer
3) Windows/VMWare Systems Engineer/Administrator

Thanks in Advance

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Re: Cloud Consultant Job

Post by sbose » Mon Feb 03, 2020 10:13 am

Not sure how this is going to work because the sponsor must commit to give you job for 2 years full time and must give minimum salary specified.
Anyways if you want to look for jobs try You will get to know the market.

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