Stamp4 with 5 years General work permit

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Stamp4 with 5 years General work permit

Post by manik6683 » Thu Jun 13, 2019 10:43 pm

Hi friends,

I started my job in ireland here 14th sep 2014 and I have been in general WP since 2014 until this year with same employer, My current WP is expiring in 20 sep 2019 , same date my current GNIB Stamp1 also expires. I am completing my 5 years on 14th sep 2019/19th Sep 2019 ( based on GNIB registration date on my first year 2014). I am due to renew my GNIB stamp by this year 20th Sep 2019 , and am expecting to get stamp4 before 2-4 weeks of this expiry WITHOUT a WP, though my current WP is valid untill 20th 2019, hoping that GNIB officers can issue me a stamp4 without new WP for next 1/2 years since i am completing 5 years this year. I can have all other documents, P60, payslips, employment proof letters . I hope we dont need s4 support letter from DBEI for as I am not into CSEP

Has anyone got S4 here same like my situation with general WP completing 5 years without a work permit at the end of 5 years completion.. please help me to understand whether the WP is mandatory document to get S4 in my case as i am exactly completing 5 years on the expiry date.

based on that I need to request my employer for WP renewal process


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