Might not get job offer due to work permit processing

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Might not get job offer due to work permit processing

Post by Yogurt1234 » Wed May 29, 2019 6:05 pm


I am on a stamp 1 visa. The company where I have interviewed fears that permit processing times might take 5 months because they had a couple of bad experiences in the past. I called DBEI and was told that applications from March are currently being processed. Despite sharing this information, the company's HR still expresses doubts and wants me to transfer my work permit. I checked on the DBEI site, and that does not seem to even be possible.

I did advise them that on the application, they could try to appeal the standard wait time with their case. I guess I am pretty stuck on this if HR is not even willing to ring the DBEI. Is there any other possible way to expedite things or at least re-assure HR that this should not take 5 months?

Thanks for reading!

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