Query regarding VISA type

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Query regarding VISA type

Post by dpddas » Sat Apr 13, 2019 9:50 am


I'm an undergrad in an Indian institute and I have been accepted as a Visiting Researcher at Insight Centre for Data Analytics, NUI Galway from May to July end. My problem is that I'm confused about the type of VISA I should be applying for. I'm getting mixed responses and thus not able to make up my mind. Also, I do not have much time because there's only ~3 week remaining for May and I got the acceptance letter very recently.

My professor and the HR from Insight advised me to apply for a short stay visa since I'll be here for less than 90 days. I'll be receiving a studentship of 1200 Euros/per month to support my living expenses. So I'll apply for short stay visa with Reason for travel as 'Other' and I'll mention the purpose as 'Research Visit'.

But one of my senior who had been to Insight a few years back told me that it will be rejected if I apply via this way. I should be applying for the internship visa. But when I do so in the AVATS portal, in the middle of my application, I end up in a page that asks me for my Employment Permit/Atypical Working Scheme number. It is mandatory to enter before I proceed to the next page. I couldn't seek more clarification from my senior because he is travelling right now.

In short, I'll be visiting Insight for less than 90 days starting from May and I'll receive 1200 euros per month as studentship (which is tax exempt). And my purpose is "Research Visit" and I'll NOT be working to get salary there.

It'll be very helpful if someone can clear up my confusion and tell my how to proceed with the application in AVATS. I'll be grateful to them.
Thank you!

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