Stamp 4 appeal refusal

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Stamp 4 appeal refusal

Post by Nishashekaran » Wed Apr 03, 2019 2:22 pm

My husband stamp 4 appeal was refused as he was working for the company and his salary was getting credited from sisters concern and the office hr has not informed the DBEI of any change.

Please someone give suggestion.
Our temporary extension was wasted due to appeal.

If we apply for work permit with the sister's concern it will take us another 3 months for the employment permit. Can he work during that period. Or his work permit will be granted soon.

He is calling DBEI, but they are not providing proper solution. No answers for email even.

Our tickets are booked for June last for summer vacation in india.

We both are confused as what to do.

Please someone throw some. Any help is appreciated.

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