Mosque: Belfast *!@#$% Centre

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Mosque: Belfast *!@#$% Centre

Post by Aalishan » Tue Mar 25, 2008 3:22 am

Belfast *!@#$% Centre
38 Wellington Park, Belfast, BT9 6DN
Phone: 028 90664465 | Mobile: n/a | Fax: 028 90913148
The Belfast *!@#$% Centre (BIC), formally set up in 1977, is the largest Mosque in Northern Ireland.
The Daily prayers, Friday Prayers, Eid prayers, Funeral prayers & Tarawih prayers are among the essential activities held in the centre. The Mosque also organises some social programmes for the community such as the Monthly Gatherings, Weekly English & Arabic & Women's Study circles and the Annual Young .......... Gathering. The Mosque also conducts Nikah procedures for marriages, which is then followed by legal registration from the Belfast City Hall.

Strategic Aims
1. To run the Mosque, provide religious services and religious instructions and guidance to the .......... Community for their moral development and to meet their religious requirements
2. To provide education for all sections of the community in order to lead life in the current multi-cultural society as a .......... and as an ideal citizen and to help .......... integrate within the wider society
3. To develop and provide social and cultural services in order to preserve the community identity and to create social and cultural awareness amongst the .......... and wider society
4. To provide guidance and resource service, particularly to educational institutions, hospitals and prisons, and generally to all communities, irrespective of their religion
5. To provide advisory services to solve educational, cultural and social problems of the community
6. To provide social welfare services to the various groups of the community, to provide funeral service and to provide the humanitarian aid and support in all levels of the society

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