carnatic vocal music classes in Dublin

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carnatic vocal music classes in Dublin

Post by malavika.bharadwaj » Tue May 15, 2018 6:13 pm

Dear all,

I am Malavika. I am a trained Carnatic and light music. I plan to start teaching music to interested people in and around the Dublin region. I have been training in Carnatic and light music for 13 years, with special focus on voice modulation & studio singing techniques.

I hereby invite anyone interested to learn Carnatic and light music for either themselves or their friends and relatives to get in touch with me. Please note that there is no age bar for my classes.

Carnatic music is one of the most aesthetically pleasing art forms originating in South India. It's sound emphasizes on Raga [Melody], Tala [Rhythm] and Bhava [Emotion]. Carnatic music is renowned for having a well defined structure that can be related mathematically and hundreds of years of history of compositions behind it. It also imbibes invaluable traits such as discipline and concentration to all who practice it.


Thanks and Kind regards,

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