Shifting to Dublin in Aug-2019

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Shifting to Dublin in Aug-2019

Post by rajith1978 » Fri Jul 12, 2019 9:16 am

Dear All,
Moving to Dublin end of August with 1 kid of 4 years old.
Will be working in "capital docks" at Grand Canal Docks area.
Only 3 requirements, kindly help
- Top-3 areas for renting 2BHK apartment where Indian population with Indian restaurants and grocery store at walking distance. Happy to spend bit more if area is good.
- Prefer walking distance to Public transport like bus, tram, subway to reach office....looking to commute less than 30-45 mins. door to door
- Also, what are tax rates? or in general if I am making 100 Euros, how much I can expect in hand?
Please suggest

Thanks, Rajith Sharma

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Re: Shifting to Dublin in Aug-2019

Post by Simplyvikrant » Sat Jul 13, 2019 9:02 am

Your answers
1. Getting a house is particularly very difficult in Dublin, over that if you are restricting yourself to any specific area. biggest indian store is Eurasia near liffey valley. Indian population is not residing in any specific location. Adamstown have considerable indian population.
2. public transport is mainly Dart/luas and bus. You may need a car based on where u get a house.
3. take an avg of 42 percent. You can use inline tax calculators too👍


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Re: Shifting to Dublin in Aug-2019

Post by SPKBhamidipati » Tue Jul 16, 2019 8:05 pm

Hi Rajith,

1. Most of the Indian restaurants are in city itself, while most Indian community (atleast to my knowledge) is in Ongar, Adamstown which aren't that close to city center. So, I'm afraid that you might have to either chose area with good Indian community or that is close to Indian grocery shops/restaurants. Eurasia, that was mentioned is somewhat closer to Adamstown (15mins by Car, 25-40mins by public transport). In both of these areas, you might have to spend min. of 1800 euro for a 2 BHK.

2. Adamstown has direct train connectivity to grand canal dock (takes approx 40mins). You can commute via bus as well.

3. Tax slabs are little high (atleast to me).
If you are married & family is with you (in Ireland) : 20% up-to income of 43400 , 40% there after.
If you are married, but family is not with you/staying in India : 20% up-to 33500, 40% there after. However, you can claim the difference at the year end.
As Vikrant mentioned, you can make use of online calculators (I prefer PWC one) to get the exact figure of your take home.

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