Planing to shift with 12 years and 5 years old kids

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Planing to shift with 12 years and 5 years old kids

Post by Sumitisumit » Wed Jul 10, 2019 9:00 am

Hi All,
I am planning to shift to Ireland. I have two sons. Elder is of 12 years old and is in Class 7 and younger is of 4 years and is in Kinder Garden.
I want to understand,
1) how is education system in Ireland and will my 12 year old son be able to study in Ireland, without any difficulty.
2) What is the schooling term in India. In Delhi, India schooling term is April to March.
3) Is it advisable to shift with kids from education point of view.


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Re: Planing to shift with 12 years and 5 years old kids

Post by balac_m » Thu Jul 11, 2019 9:32 am

1. The education system is good here. Not hard as India. If the learning medium is English, it won't be a problem
2. School term is Sept to June
3. It is advisable to shift for the following reasons

1. The quality of education is good
2. It is free

The other side of this move I can think of is regarding your first son. Even though it is easy, It might be culturally different from him at this age. But as long as he is adapting, it will be fine. But if he is reserved and shy, it will be very hard for him.

If you want to settle down here in Ireland, don't think twice and bring them asap. If you are intended to go back to India within the next few years, it is advisable to continue the studies over there in India.

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Re: Planing to shift with 12 years and 5 years old kids

Post by inv908 » Thu Jul 11, 2019 8:05 pm


your younger one will have no issues as he is in kinder garden.

For your older one, if he is in class 7 in India now then he will be in 1st year of Secondary as per the Irish system. The secondary curriculum is quite hectic compared to the junior years (i.e Class 1 to 6). The syllabus is more or less the same as the Indian system except that it might taught differently. Some subjects are available that are not in Indian system (ex. Technical graphics, Shop). Students have to select 1 additional language - usually from French, German or Spanish.

The good thing for him is he will not have to study Irish language since he didnt study it in primary. So he will have to study 2 languages (English and one foreign language) while others will be doing 3.

As per irish secondary system there is a 'Junior Cert Exam' at the end of 3rd year (which is Class 9 of Indian system). It is some serious stuff and is almost similar to 10th/SSLC in rigour. After Junior Cert kids have choice to do a Transition year or move straight to 5th Year (yes some dont do '4th year). At the end of 6th year, kids will do Leaving Cert, which is like our 12th board exams. and it is some serious serious stuff. kids go to tuition, known as grinds here. Admissions to undergrad courses depends on the points scored in this exam.

Generally speaking, the kids will be fine, but you have to decide 2 things quickly

1. which part of Dublin you want to move and make applications to the schools in that area. By now, most of the schools would have allotted places to kids coming from nearby Junior schools so you have to cast your net wide open.
2. can you commit next 6 years in Ireland so that your older one doesnt affected too much.

I am parent of a kid who is going to 2nd year secondary (i.e class 8 ) so I am writing this from my experience. Ultimately it is your call.

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Re: Planing to shift with 12 years and 5 years old kids

Post by rajith1978 » Fri Jul 12, 2019 9:13 am

Dear All,
Similar situation like many others - moving to Dublin end of August with 1 kid of 4 years old.
Will be working in "capital docks" at Grand Canal Docks area.
Only 2 requirements, kindly help
- Indian population area with Indian restaurants and grocery store at walking distance. Happy to spend bit more if area is good.
- Prefer walking distance to Public transport like bus, tram, subway to reach office....looking to commute less than 30-45 mins. door to door

Please suggest

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