Copenhagen v/s Dublin

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Copenhagen v/s Dublin

Post by ck08 » Sun Jul 07, 2019 3:26 pm

Hi Everyone,

We are a family of three: my wife, my 4 yr old kid and I. I am considering moving either to Copenhagen or to Dublin, based on two offers I have. I hold the Critical skills permit for Ireland.
There is a difference of around a 1000 EURs in package between the two companies (the Danish company is paying higher) and the Danish company is paying for my health insurance (no insurance in the Irish company's offer). I have been doing some research and see that accommodation and daycare in Dublin is more expensive. But apart from this, does anyone have any experience living in both these places, and can anyone give some suggestions on how we can decide? I am a little confused. The things I see in favour of Ireland are:
1. English speaking, and hence it will be easier for my kid to continue studying in case we decide to move back to India.
2. Less stringent conditions for PR, including lesser duration of stay (5 years for Ireland and 8 years for Denmark).
3. More options for me to switch because there are more companies in Ireland.
4. Employment opportunities for my wife. She needs to learn Danish to work in Cph.
What is confusing me is that I have visited Copenhagen and have lived there for some time. I find it to have a high quality of life and with a healthy work-life balance, and also lots of nice places in the city. So how does Dublin compare to Copenhagen generally? Also, will a salary of 6k before tax be enough for a family of 3? Any inputs will be highly appreciated.


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