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child benefit

Post by mchhajer » Tue Jun 18, 2019 7:39 pm


I am on stamp 1 now and want to apply for child benefit. I have some question :
1. In CB1 form,, whose details will be in Part-1? I read somewhere that child benefit is paid to mother but my spouse doesnt have account here. How can I receive amount on her behalf?
2. In Part 6, it asks for verified copy of IRP and Birth certificate. How do I get verified certificates? Or do I need to send original one?
3. Again whose details will be filled in part1 of HRC1 form
4. As per Part6 of, I need to submit original of birth certi and IRP. Do I still need to submit verified copy of them as per CB1.
5. As per Part6 of, do I need to submit original copy of work permit, marriage certi and India bank account statement as well?

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