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Moving to Galway

Post by prspeaks » Sun Apr 14, 2019 2:51 pm


I would be Moving to Galway for ~5-6 months mostly in June/July alone. Can some one help me as to what things to I need to take care of

This will be my first travel to Ireland. So need information that would help me in relocation
  • My office would be near Mervue Business Park , So any good place of accommodation in near by area ?
  • How is the transportation in Galway/Ireland. Is the public transport well connected ? as I dont intend to rent a monthly car
  • Can you suggest the things that I should buy here in India? (for ex. Clothes.).Since it's cold in Ireland, would you recommend buying winter clothes in India or do branded clothes have same prices when comparing India to Ireland?
  • Any Indian appliance(Cooker) that I may need to bring or any Spices that I need to bring (Like Spices, etc )
  • Are the OTC Medicines that are generally available in India also available in Ireland too ?
Many thanks,

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