Documents for PPS, Bank Account & Rent Documentation

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Documents for PPS, Bank Account & Rent Documentation

Post by piaiift » Sun Apr 14, 2019 9:46 am

Hi All,

I have gone through thread and slightly confused about doc required specially if photocopies are also required.

Please help me with

1. List of documents for PPS and how long will it take at PPS office.

2. Letter from Landlord for rental. What if someone lives with Parents? What can we give?

3. Alternatively, proof of property purchase is sought. Now can we give?

4. I have opened a bank account. Rental agency needs proof of local access to funds. How can I move funds to this account. How long will such a transfer take.

5. Is N26 Bank safe? To save time I have opened it in N26 account. I assume I can close it anytime with no penalty or charges.

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