More information requested from Irish Naturalization

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More information requested from Irish Naturalization

Post by ga.agrawal » Tue Mar 13, 2018 1:24 pm

Hello All,

I submitted by Irish Naturalization application last week with all the required documentations, forms etc. Yesterday, received a post from them requesting for additional information. One of which seems strange to me and not sure how to answer. They mentioned that the signature on my passport (issued in 2012) and the signature on statutory declaration on the naturalization form is inconsistent. They asked me to provide a written (not typed) letter of explanation for this inconsistency. I do not recollect any circumstances that would have caused such discrepancy. May be it was just a slip of hand or the hurry to get all the documents signed infront of Solicitor, that there was a difference noticeable. But I have not changed my signature any point of time and it could just be due to elapsed time between passport or slip of hand/hurry while signing the document in front of Solicitor.

Has anyone got similar query from them earlier? What should be the response?

Appreciate your valuable feedback.

Thank you.

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